iRiver H10 20 GB MP3 Player/Recorder (Blue) Review

iRiver H10 20 GB MP3 Player/Recorder (Blue)
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One of the great things about this player is you do not have to install any special software; just drag a folder of MP3s over to it. The best feature is its future potential; the manufacturer brags 'firmware upgradeable' on the box and an Internet search reveals an active user forum and homebrew software available.
I actually found a use for the text file viewer-- it is a handy way to keep track of a new workout routine. Sound quality is good enough for loud rock music while mowing or working out.
There are some minor annoyances in the software. The equalizer does not have enough frequency ranges and introduces some noise. There is not a clear indication when you disable the EQ and turn on the SRS feature. The picture display is cool, but no zoom and pan - even my cell phone does that. However, these are all minor bugs that could be fixed with new software.
One of the advertised features is line in recording - but you don't get the line input jack unless you buy a cradle. Hmmm, why not just use the line input jack on your computer sound card and save the money. I would rather have had a line input and/or a mic jack on the unit itself than the wired remote control jack - the iriver is about the size of a remote control itself so I am not sure what the logic was here.
Like I mentioned earlier these are minor annoyances and I am generally impressed with the performance and sound on the player.

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The iRiver 20 GB model H10 is the perfect portable digital player/recorder for true music and audio enthusiasts. Hardly bigger than a deck of cards, its 1.8-inch hard drive has space for over 5,000 songs (128 kbps MP3, 4 minutes per song) or more than 330 hours of music. Yet the whole player measures just 2.4 x 4 inches (W x H) and less than an inch deep. Sensibly arranged controls--including an intuitive central touchpad--make it child's play to setup and use, and an internal battery delivers up to 16 hours of non-stop music between charges.But the H10 is about more than just music. It comes complete with a brilliant, full-color 1.8-inch TFT LCD that supports up to 260,000 colors, rendering your favorite JPEG digital photos with breathtaking clarity. (Yep, it does slide shows, too.) What's more, an integrated text viewer lets you lose yourself in paperless novels, news, essays, short stories--you name it.A built-in microphone facilitates use as a voice recorder, with 3 quality settings to choose from. The unit also features a built-in FM tuner with a choice of automatic and manual channel-search functions, including 20 station presets for one-touch tuning to your favorites, especially handy for traffic and news updates when you're out and about. An antenna built into the supplied headset ensures crystal-clear sound quality, and a timer lets you set the H10 to record radio programs with real-time MP3 encoding at specific times of your choosing.The H10 is PlaysForSure compatible and fully integrated with Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, which makes it even easier to enjoy your digital media. In addition to a range of options for managing digital content, you'll enjoy fast access to the H10's "digital media hall," where you can scavenge the virtual shelves of numerous online shops (including Napster To Go) in search of cool songs old and new. With the player/recorder connected to your PC, you'll be able to purchase and download songs straight into the H10. An auto-sync function synchronizes music and image files on the H10 with those stored on your PC, just like a PDA.Icing on the cake, the H10 also a guaranteed head turner with a high-grade aluminum casing whose purist elegance is as pleasing to the eye as the touch.What's in the Box Digital music player/recorder, stereo earphones, a carrying case with belt clip, a USB 2.0 interface cable, an installation CD, an AC adapter, a user's manual, and warranty information.

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Toshiba Gigabeat MEG-F40S 40 GB Digital Audio Player Silver Review

Toshiba Gigabeat MEG-F40S 40 GB Digital Audio Player Silver
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I first saw the Gigabeat at CES this year and I've been waiting for it since then. I finally got my hands on the F40 a couple a weeks ago and I wasn't disappointed. By the time it shipped here in the US Toshiba applied firmware 2.02 which lets you view slide shows of your favorite photos while playing music.
The good:
- The screen is no doubt the best in its class.
- The touch sensitive cross is very intuitive, much more so than the wheel on the iPod. The Gigabeat can be operated in horizontal mode, my favorite, and the cross is designed perfectly for this. Due to its design switching from vertical to horizontal mode requires no change in how you navigate.
- Setting the EQ to flat will give you crystal clear and a very detailed sound experience, and the volume has more power than I can handle.
- You can preset volume and EQ settings per song in the Gigabeat Room program
- You can browse music by Artist/Album/Genre, but also by folders like Explorer.
- No need for the cradle if you transfer music via Gigabeat Room, or without Room if you use the Gigabeat as external HD using drag and drop.
- Rip Tech button on the cradle will rip an entire CD and transfer it to your Gigabeat in 5 minutes.
- Works with all Play For Sure online music services.
The bad:
- SAT encryption on anything you transfer via Gigabeat Room or Windows Media Player. You can get around it by using drag and drop while connected in Windows Media Mode and using the cradle. Instead of using WMP you just drag and drop your music onto the Gigabeat. Gigabeat will recognize ID3 information and catalog your music when you drag and drop this way.
- USB 1.1 speed when using any other way then Gigabeat Room to transfer music to the Gigabeat.
- EQ quality is not as good as it could be. However with the EQ set to flat everything I have tried sounds great!
- No video... yet.
I REALY like the Gigabeat. I have recommended it to all my friends and I got a second one for my wife. "The bad" can all be fixed with a firmware upgrade, and I'm hoping that Toshiba is listening to all Gigabeat enthusiasts. I belive that hardware wise the Gigabeat is perfect. All that now is needed is some fine tuning on the EQ and to get rid of the SAT encryption.
Lots of information about the Gigabeat can be found over at www.mygigabeat.com. The forum is an excellent way to get most of your questions answered.

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Images and music combine in this easy-to-use portable digital audio player. Toshiba's snazzy, silver Gigabeat MEG-F40S packs a 1.8-inch Toshiba hard drive capable of holding an incredible 40 GB of digital media: MP3 and WMA compressed audio and even uncompressed, full-resolution WAV files. That's about 10,000 songs (more than 600 complete albums) at 128 kbps MP3, a crazy 20,000 songs at 64 kbps WMA, and a still-impressive 1,100 songs or 75 hours of CD-resolution WAV files.A major feature of the player is its bright, crystal-clear, 2.2-inch LCD with 240 x 320 resolution and the ability to render over 65,000 colors. It's there so you can experience the visual as well as the aural component of your entertainment. The Gigabeat lets you download and view album covers, search for your favorite tracks by scrolling through those album covers, or even set a favorite album cover as your background image. You can download any digital still picture from your PC and create custom slideshows, too--and set them to music.Gigabeat may be versatile, but it's also easy to operate. Its PlusTouch sensor control lets you scroll through its intuitive menus using only a soft touch or pass of your fingertip.The PC-only Gigabeat is "Plays for Sure"-certified by Microsoft, which means that it will operate with any "Plays for Sure" download site or management software when connected to your PC. Gigabeat is automatically recognized by Windows Media Player 10, so there's no need to install new drivers of any kind. Toshiba has also partnered with Napster to provide Napster's "Napster To Go" software, giving you the option of using Napster To Go, Windows Media Player, and/or the supplied Gigabeat Room management software (Gigabeat Room is required for transfer of photo images).So what about your CD collection? After all, you'll likely be able to stash the entire thing in here, one way or another. Thanks to a unique feature called CD RipRec, all you have to do is place a CD in your PC and press the CD RipRec button while the Gigabeat is docked in its cradle. CD RipRec will launch the software and transfer compressed audio to your Gigabeat quickly and with no further effort on your part. Using a USB 2.0 connection (cable supplied), CD RipRec can transfer the contents of an entire CD to the Gigabeat in as little as 5 minutes.If Gigabeat's battery life (up to 16 hours) isn't enough to satisfy your entertainment needs, fret not. Rather than carrying your AC adapter everywhere, simply connect the Gigabeat to any PC with a USB cable and the battery will charge itself again.Other features include headphones with an integrated wired remote control, a choice of 10- or 60-second intro scan to help you find a desired song, multilingual support (Japanese, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and German), and 28 user selectable equalizer settings, and SRS WOW, which simulates surround sound from any two speakers (including headphones).What's in the Box Digital music player, an AC power adapter, a power-supply, a docking cradle, a USB cable, headphones with integrated remote control, a software CD-ROM (Gigabeat Room management software, CD RipRec, Napster To Go), a user's manual, and warranty information.

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Philips NP1100/37 Streamium Network Music Player with 3.0" B&W Display Review

Philips NP1100/37 Streamium Network Music Player with 3.0 BandW Display
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The Philips Streamium NP1100 player connects your stereo to your PC and its Internet connection, letting you easily access your digital content where you want it. No more sitting in front of your PC to listen to your music!
The NP1100 is basically a wireless access point bundled with a simple on-screen user interface and a remote control. Setup was unbelievably easy - I plugged the NP1100 into my A/V receiver, powered it up, and off it went. It automatically detected my wireless home network and once I supplied my WPA security key, it connected itself with no problem. The unit also includes an ethernet port if you prefer a wired connection.
Once connected, it automatically updated its own software, which is good but it was a minor nuisance that I then had to re-enter all of initial settings after the update.
You'll also want to register the unit by supplying the NP1100 with your email address. This sends you a link to set up a Club Philips online account. From this online account, you can manage the various sources of media that the NP1100 accesses, which is much faster when using a full-size keyboard vs. the player's remote. Registering this way also saves you from the hassle of reading the teeny-tiny serial numbers on the bottom of the unit.
I planned on trying three distinct media sources with the Streamium, with pretty varied results: Internet radio, my own PCs media library, and my separate Sirius online subscription.
First, Internet radio. After connecting to your network, a pre-loaded catalog of Internet radio stations becomes available. You can organize this catalog by content (talk vs. music), music genre, country of origin, language, etc. Five minutes out of the box, I was catching up with the latest ambient music from France, local artists from Argentina, news headlines from Japan (just because I could - it's not like I speak Japanese!), and even the online home of the greatest radio station ever (The Future of Rock n Roll WOXY - 97X, Oxford, OH). The amazing variety of offerings makes for a pretty big 'wow' factor.
But the variety can also be overwhelming. Fortunately, the NP1100 has a "Favorites" functionality for bookmarking your preferred sources. This favorites list makes finding your top choices very easy.
Next, I decided to tackle my own digital media library. Unfortunately, the NP1100 requires Windows Media Player 11 (WMP) as its interface to your PC. I much prefer the iTunes interface to catalog my digital music, but there's no option to use it with the NP1100. So, I had to reinstall WMP on my PC (it's included on the CD that comes with this player) and then configure it to manage a parallel library of my music. WMP is simply awful to use - rigid installation that overwrites most of your existing media preferences (e.g. it's always resetting itself as my default player for all formats), clunky visual interface, and also a stubborn determination to not accept anything that's not Microsoft-endorsed. For example, almost my entire library is in AAC file format; however, Microsoft backs MP3. So when I first tried to access my library from the Streamium, only the tiny fraction of MP3s appeared - no AAC files at all. I eventually found a WMP plug-in that makes AACs appear in its library, but I still have trouble getting them to completely function. This isn't a flaw with the Streamium per se, but their exclusive choice of partner makes the user perform a lot of runaround to meet their specifications.
Once you do get your library set up, the content functions very well. Just as with Internet radio sources, you can access your PC's media by artist, album, genre, etc. You can also send playlists to the Streamium, which is very useful for party mixes.
Lastly, I wanted to see if the Streamium could access my online Sirius subscription. I tried several different variations on the Sirius player's online address, but nothing worked. Again, the player seems handcuffed by Philips' exclusive business arrangements - out of the box, the Streamium player comes ready to work with a Rhapsody online music subscription. However, that didn't interest me and it seems that other competing services aren't allowed.
Playback quality is good - of course digital music files transmitted wirelessly aren't going satisfy any serious audiophile, but that's not the point of this device.
The NP1100 is roughly the size of a paperback novel on its side. It has a retro-Scandanvian look with its silver housing and a clear window that encases it black-and white display. The display itself is bit disappointing. First, it's only a small portion of the unit's face - most of what you see in the picture is a black frame that surrounds the screen. Second, it's difficult to read at any appreciable angle. Since the Streamium's base doesn't allow you to tilt, you basically have to place it wherever it'll be eye-level most frequently. Third, its font sizes are all wrong and can't be changed. You can guess that they tried to accommodate people who keep the player close at hand and those who'll put it across the room, but unfortunately, the characters are difficult to read in either case.
The remote is a total throwaway. Small buttons with microscopic labels, no backlighting, etc. However, I was able to program my Logitech Harmony pretty easily to mimic it.
The NP1100 excels at delivering your digital media with convenience and flexibility. Its out-of-the-box simplicity make it a great idea for even the technologically-challenged. And its affordable price mean that finally you can enjoy your music where you really want to without being tied down to your PC.
Simple setup, even with wireless networking
Comes packaged with an amazing set of streaming content offerings
Good sound quality
Being forced to use WMP for your media library
Screen display should be bigger and easier to read
Throwaway remote control

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By connecting to both your PC and audio system, Philips Streamium network music player gives you wireless access to your PC music library, Internet radio and Rhapsody online music service. A whole world of exciting music possibilities!

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Garmin nuvi 880 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator Review

Garmin nuvi 880 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
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I have been using the Nuvi 880 GPS for a couple of weeks now, and it is the best Garmin unit to date, and possibly the portable/handheld/car GPS available at this time. The Garmin Nuvi GPS units are probably the easiest to start using out of the box without reading any manuals.
The new line of Nuvi units have done away with the small flip-up antenna, opting for a internal antenna which is much nicer. This GPS is also VERY thin and can be carried in your jeans pocket (front pocket-without the leather case/protector) if you're traveling in another country. Because the 880 has done away with the external antenna, it also maintains the same thin dimensions for the length of the backside of the unit, finally losing that small bulge as on the back of the 670 (and other 600-series) Nuvi units.
The speech recognition is about 90% accurate, but this may be due to the higher amount of road noise in my car (and/or the air conditioner fan noise). When it's quiet, however, the voice recognition is surprisingly accurate.
The ability to have a user-changeable battery is featured on the 880. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had this feature with our Nuvi 670 on our trip to Italy when we were out all day on foot and the GPS battery became depleted, (though it did last for 5-6 hours). The only thing lacking is that Garmin should sell some sort of external battery charger for the extra batteries rather having to charge them in the unit itself.
Another reviewer mentioned that the Garmin doesn't have intelligent street recognition (such as with Google) to ask the user if a different spelling for a street/highway was intended when the unit doesn't return any results with the spelling it was given. This is not true, and perhaps that reviewer should have another read of the documentation to understand this. If you provide a partial text street or highway name to the Garmin it will return a list of possible matches. The Nuvi 880 works slightly different than previous Nuvi models in that the earlier models would provide an "active lookup", listing the possible matches as soon as the user had typed enough characters to determine a match. The 880, however, allows the user to provide (enter) the partial or full street/intersection AND THEN it will display a list of possible matches. This works a little more efficiently than the previous models because it allows the system to do a single fast search, rather than searching after each letter, and it allows the user to correct any typing mistakes before searching on them.
Another nice feature of the Garmin unit is that the virtual keyboard for spelling can be QWERTY style now.
The built in MP3 player is fun. For example if you have a music (or any MP3) that you want to hear via the car's stereo, you simply tune the FM radio to an unused station and configure the Garmin to output to the FM transmitter. Music and guidance prompts will be played via the car stereo. This is also nice for extremely noisy car environments if the Garmin's (loud) volume isn't enough, then the GPS prompts can be played via the car stereo. Other utilities on the 880 are very helpful, such as the unit and currency converters.
I've also tried the TomTom units, which I found to be slower in computing routes, and having far too many user configurable options. If you want to spend hours "customizing" all of the screen colors and every other aspect of your GPS, then maybe a TomTom would be a good choice for you. However, if you want an easy-to-use unit, the Garmin is a better choice.
The screen brightness can be set by the user, but 70-80% will suffice in all but the highest glare situations, and the large screen is very clear.
With ANY touch-screen device I always recommend purchasing clear screen protector sheets. These clear sheets stick via friction (no residue), and will help to greatly extend the life of your GPS or other product.
Lastly, another very nice feature on the 880 is the addition of MSN Direct which I renewed the subscription to a lifetime (guaranteed until 2012) extension for about $120 flat (there are other renewal options available). One of the best features of MSN Direct is updated traffic reports sent to your GPS. Even while not navigating a route, and simply viewing the map, a traffice "incident" icon will show on the display if a traffic event lies ahead in the direction you're traveling in case you want to have your GPS route you around the traffice. MSN Direct also features such things as a little icon for weather warnings on your GPS, full weather for your location, a selection to pop up a quick list of gas prices/station near your location, another selection to pop up a quick list of movie times listed by theater or movie title, news, stocks, local events. It is a very nice feature.
All in all this is one of the best portable GPS units available currently.

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nüvi 765T 4.3" GPS Navigator - North America Review

nüvi 765T 4.3 GPS Navigator - North America
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This GPS has been around the block for a little while. What hasn't been around the block for a while is the 4.0 software update for this GPS which came out spring 2010. This major software update resolves tons of bugs and issues i was originally having with my 765T. The inaccurate touch screen and near impossibility to type accurately on the keyboard has been resolved with the 4.0 update. The 4.0 update has also resolved an issue where searching for POI's takes MUCH longer than should be expected. Overall, the 4.0 update makes this GPS a SOLID and WELL ROUNDED device. In my opinion, this GPS is fantastic! It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the latest and greatest models but for me it does one thing, which is what i bought it for, and it does it very well and that's navigation and re-routing. If i wanted a computer on my dashboard i would use my iPhone, but i don't. I just wanted a simple, easy to use, and reliable GPS device that would get me from point a-b or from point a to b to c without a hassle and do so with the smartest routes available, which the 765T has been doing. THe traffic feature has worked flawlessly for me after the 4.0 update as well as the update to the 2011 maps. I never question the GPS and always get to the destination within 5 minutes of the arrival time. THe bluetooth and FM transmitter are worthless features to me since the underpowered FM transmitter is basically useless and i don't need bluetooth on my GPS to talk hands free because i use a bluetooth headset with my mobile phone. I did pair my iPhone with the 765T and it worked flawlessly. The 765T automatically imported my phones contacts and gave them to me in a nice touch screen accessible list so that i could just touch to dial a number. It definately works, and works well but it's a feature i will rarely, if ever use. Overall, i have almost no complaints with this GPS. I had a couple of gripes before the 4.0 update but the 4.0 update and the latest version of the maps,2011, have given me a rock solid, bullet proof GPS that i have no worries about relying on when i'm on the road. I would highly recommend this GPS, especially with the free traffic, to anyone looking for a BASIC GPS, with excellent satellite acquisition, fast re-routing, ad-supported yet not intrusive traffic updates, and an easy to use non complicated interface. Just make sure to UPDATE TO THE LATEST 4.0 SOFTWARE FOR THE MOST RELIABLE AND ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS GPS and if you can also update the maps to 2011 and this thing will be rock solid for you like it is for me for years to come.

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Take the right way on the highway with nüvi 765T, featuring lane assist. This feature guides you to the proper lane for navigation. The 765T adds hands-free calling to the nüvi 755T.

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Audiovox SIR-PNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver Review

Audiovox SIR-PNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver
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Sirius satellite should be considered a great complement to your audio system, whether in home or car. It should not be considered an end all to music selection. It will not replace CDs, mp3s or typical over the air radio. Once this expectation is established, it's good to see Sirius as a decent addition to those who love music.
First off, how much does it cost? You'll need a receiver, then a docking system for the home or office. Then there is a setup fee. So you're looking at a little under $200 to get started. Quite a huge investment for just checking out a new type of radio. I would advise getting Sirius professional installed in your car, unless you don't mind wire flaying around when you drive while looking at a tacking do it yourself setup. Also, if you want both home and office, you'll have to buy a boombox. This can run to about $350 total. Quite pricey, especially when it doesn't include any monthly fees.
Secondly, how about the reception? It's surprisingly well in my car, but does suffer some dark spots when you go under a tunnel or when travelling through a tree line street. However, I was unable to get any signal in neither my home nor my office, so don't automatically assume that it will work at your home. The only consolation is that if you sign up for Sirius, you get monthly web access.
Thirdly, how about the playlist? The best way to describe Sirius's playlist is probably a lot breadth, but not quite a lot of depth. For music, unless you love every type of music available, you'll actually only have about 10 music stations to listen to. For example, all Classical, Latin, Electronic, Jazz, Children and Love stations are absolutely useless to me as this not my type of music. In terms of sports, it's got the NFL, NBA, and if ever, NHL. The best game for radio, baseball, is with XM satellite, which is a huge bummer. Many of the news stations and entertainment stations are just audio replays of audio stations, so it's got commercials and aren't altogether suited for radio. For example, you'll hear, "take a look at this replay". Well, I can't look, it's radio. All in all, the talk and music is the equivalent of doubling the FM and AM radio stations of a big city. You'll still listen to your normal stations, but the number of stations will be expanded.
Fourthly, how about the receiver itself? It's pretty good. The display is huge. You get to see the band or song name before switching to a different station. I love that. It can store 20 songs, which, when one of the songs comes up, the receiver will beep and give you the option of changing to that station. The only small problems were that sometimes the stored songs didn't come up, and the turn wheel will lacks a grip, which is annoying when driving.
Fifthly, what were some of the major problems of Satellite radio? Besides the high cost for the equipment, the fact that they charge an activation fee was annoying. I'm willing to pay a monthly fee, do I need to add another fee to that? Secondly, the nickel and diming continues with the fact that the receiver contains no basic antenna nor power supply. You must buy a docking kit no matter what. I bought a car docking kit, but it only had a power supply for the cigarette lighter, which meant that all setup has to be done outdoors, in the car, with the car running. I couldn't even test it to see if it would work indoors, so I had to buy a boombox to test, only to find out it didn't work, and then return the boombox. A cheap home AC/DC power supply included in the docking kit would have saved me hours without costing me fifty dollars for the other docking system. Also, the customer service is not that great. The people on phone are nice, but you have to endure the navigation system along with a large self-serving tirade about how well Sirius radio is before you can get to the menu. In order to get stream player access, you have to e-mail them for the password, but no one bothered to reply to my e-mail, so I had to call them again. When the company won't give you the password for the free web access, and won't reply when you follow the website instructions, it gets annoying. Another thing is the repetitiveness and limiting factors of the playlist. Some of the bands I'm interested in, Carbon Leaf, the Streets, Perfect Circle, Tool - groups that I thought should appear for paid radio, are not really there. However, Ashlee Simpson, Maroon 5 and Leonard Skynard are pretty much on 24/7. Not quite the original playlists I was hoping to get.
Finally, what were some of the things that surprised me? First off, it's still cool. To be free of Clear Channel's chokehold on music radio is great. The web access is free. XM charges you about four dollars a month, making it more expensive monthly if you use web access. If you get Dish Network, the music stations are there already to listen through over your television. If you don't get Dish Network, you can get a free preview via the web for three days. Nice. Finally, I've become acquainted with many bands that I would not have known or just barely remember. It's nice to hear Traffic, Public Enemy, Guns and Roses, Flogging Molly, N.W.A., etc.
So, all in all, it's a nice complement, but it's no magic musical panacea.
Song preview
20 Memory Storage
Large display
Free online access after signing up
Free 3-day online preview
Nickel and diming
Very repetitive song list
Entertainment and News is Just a Replay of Television
Customer Service is lacking
Signal cannot be received in many places.
Minimum Setup Cost ~ 200 dollars
Optimal Setup Cost ~ 350 dollars
Monthly Cost ~ 13 dollars

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Listen to the future of radio today with the plug-and-play Audiovox SIR-PNP2 Sirius satellite radio receiver. The SIR-PNP2 decodes the incoming Sirius digital-quality radio program information from over 100 music, news, and sports channels and delivers an audio signal to your radio or other audio output equipment. It's easily transportable, and enables you to listen to satellite radio programs in your home or car.
The SIR-PNP2 lets you enter your desired channel stream number directly, or search for programming by scrolling through the category list. You can program up to 30 presets of your favorite streams, as well as search by stream, artist name, song title, or category. You can also store up to 20 artist/song title combinations, and the SIR-PNP2 can search the incoming Sirius signal and alert you if it matches the artist/song title stored in memory. The Look Ahead feature allows you to stay on and listen to the current radio stream while browsing other streams to see what's playing. Time-based functions include an alarm, sleep timer, and program alert that allows the SIR-PNP2 to switch to a preprogrammed stream at a selected time.
The SIR-PNP2 has a 6-line amber monochrome display featuring artist name and song title. Two information bands at the top and bottom of the display show stream channel number and name, signal strength, clock, and category name. The multiline display can be configured into a larger display that will scroll artist, title, stream name, and number. It has a 10-level brightness/contrast control, and an autodimming feature that adjusts brightness control for day and night driving conditions.
The SIR-PNP2 Sirius satellite receiver must be used with one of the following adapter kits:
Audiovox SIRHK1 home kit
Audiovox SIRCK1 vehicle kit (with wireless FM transmitter)
Audiovox SIRCK2 vehicle kit (without wireless FM transmitter)
Sirius satellite radio is a subscription service that provides up to 100 channels of programming, from digital-quality music to news, talk, and sports. It is available only in the lower 48 states--not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories.
What's in the Box Audiovox SIR-PNP2 Sirius satellite receiver shuttle unit, remote control (P/N1363539), and 2 AA batteries.

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Archos 3 Vision 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Red) Review

Archos 3 Vision 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Red)
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this review was updated on 12/27/2009.
my archos 3 vision absolutely meets or exceeds my personal requirements for an mp3 player!
times are tough so when my mp3 player was stolen in july 2008, i honestly tried to use my aging windows mobile phone with windows media player as a replacement player for over a year. however, that solution had several limitations and frustrations. there were workarounds, but i grew tired of them.
the stolen player was an archos g-mini which i had owned for several years and i really appreciated it's features so that is the main reason i shopped for a new archos player first. the archos 3 vision player has all of those same features with heaping helping of style, storage and added features.
- it has style
- priced under $100
- plenty of storage space
- fits comfortably in all pockets
- good quality video on beautiful screen
- random play by folder, artist, album and genre
- better than average playback quality with a good equalizer
- total access to music at all times (without proprietary software)
- battery life
- no firmware updates yet
- screen scratches quickly and easily
- the on screen control dial is almost useless for browsing tracks
the screen is beautiful and will also scratch quickly. my device had a 0.25" scratch within 24 hours of use, but i could only see it when the device was off. luckily, i have lots of screen protectors so cutting one to fit was easy. i could not see the scratch unless the screen was off. with the protector on, the screen looks much less beautiful.
the on-screen dial is certainly not the easiest navigation interface i have ever considered. if you prefer to use random play or pregenerated playlists, the on-screen dial will likely never be a concern for you. however, if you require the ability to browse through every song on your device so you can carefully consider which track is worthy of your listening time at this very moment, this device is not for you.
a couple bugs that i expect to be remedied with firmware updates...
- the button hold function sometimes requires a redundant switch on and off in order to switch off properly.
- the device will not remember my personal background picture; i select a picture, but when i turn the device on again, a different default background is displayed and my personal background picture is still available quickly by cycling through the default selections.
when i posted this review, i had owned the player for 2 months and the video features were basically useless to me. i thought i would occasionally use video playback during long train rides or plane trips, but music is really all i need... i knew i had paid a price for the feature so i felt committed to actually using the video playback and realized 1 very good use when i thought ahead to load it with a few downloaded holiday shows that i knew both of my youngest kids would enjoy. i also purchased a cheap speaker carrying case and the result is that watching shows on daddy's player was a hit during stressful holiday road trips and it is not something they will expect for everyday driving.
however, i still could live without video playback and i have recenly had a chance to play with the archos 2 vision player, which a friend purchased as a gift to himself. it has a screen that is barely big enough for showing id3 tags, but if you do not need and will not use video playback, i highly recommend that player because it has the same basic player features for about 40% less price. that player also has a simpler control scheme for browsing tracks.

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The ARCHOS 3 vision media player is a full-featured, affordable media player packed with a bright and sharp 3-inch LCD touchscreen, 8 GB of storage, and an FM transmitter. Just the ticket for making all your photos, music, and videos, truly portable.

3-Inch LCD Touchscreen The ARCHOS 3 vision screen is big and bright enough to show off your best photos and videos, but the device will still fit into your pocket. The touchscreen interface boasts a virtual scroll dial that lets you quickly zip through long lists of music files.
Your Music The ARCHOS 3 vision is perfect for music fans, with up to 14 hours of music playback before recharging and support for MP3, WMA, and WAV formats. The music library shows music by title, album, artist, genre, or your own favorites. With 8 GB of disk capacity to store over 4,000 songs, you'll have no problem saving tons of music and podcasts onto your device. And with the lyrics function, you can actually see song lyrics display right across the screen.
Your Video ARCHOS has always been the leader in portable video. This device is able to read a number of video file formats meaning that most everything you throw on it will play without conversion--MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, FLV, AVI, RM, and RMVB.
Your Photos The ARCHOS 3 makes a great little photo wallet. Display them one by one or play as a slide show. For a little more fun, add a soundtrack--your favorite song.
FM Radio The ARCHOS 3 vision has a built-in FM Radio. Set the radio presets to your favorite stations and your music, news or other programs are just few screen-taps away.
FM Transmitter With the FM Transmitter you won't need any cables in your car. Just select the frequency you want to transmit, lay your ARCHOS on your dashboard, and it will transmit your music or podcasts to your radio, for enjoyment right through your car's speakers.
Voice Recorder Need a voice recorder for a classroom lecture or personal notes? The ARCHOS 3 vision has a built-in microphone that will allow you to record audio for hours if needed.
Stopwatch/Calendar The ARCHOS 3 vision also includes stopwatch and calendar applications to round out the list of functions.
What's in the Box ARCHOS 3, headphones, USB cable (for charging and file transfer), user manual

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